APF Executive 2015-2016

Natalia.Mar.16President – Natalia Jaworska

My vision for the Association of Post-Doctoral Fellows (APF) is to enhance communication with/among postdocs. As it stands, we hardly interact with one another, we tend to be disconnected from the University, as well as committees/associations within and outside McGill. I think this can be improved by more targeted communication, regular networking & social events, and better postdoc representation at the University level, and beyond.


Chair – Chris CorkeryChris.Mar.16

I will work towards better interactions between the university, AMURE (the Union) and the APF, in order to make sure that as many services as possible are available to postdoctoral fellows. It is important to me that postdocs receive recognition for their contributions to research in Canada and are provided with training and support to enable them to find rewarding careers.


Tomer2_croppedVP Finance
– Tomer Noyhouzer

I initially joined to Association of Post-Doctoral Fellows (APF) Executive team since I believe people should be more active and try to influence the decisions that will have an impact on their work place, and their future in the case of Post-Docs. I am also serving as the representative of the APF at the McGill Senate trying to promote the active involvement and increase the teaching opportunities of Post-Docs at McGill.


VP Academic

Emily Brown
 (May 2015-Jan 2016)

Capture d’écran 2016-03-24 à 04.48.18 PMMoving from the UK to Montreal to start my postdoc was an exciting but complex process; it may have been easier if I had been able to share my experience with other postdocs. The APF has been a key means through which I have met other postdocs and recognised the challenges we face. Through organising academic and non-academic events I hope to help connect postdocs, to increase their visibility in the University community, and to provide information that will help them through their postdoc work and beyond.


Capture d’écran 2016-03-24 à 04.37.06 PMNikos Vergis (from March 2016)



VP Social 

Lucia Gregorio Teruel 

(May 2015-Feb 2016)Capture d’écran 2016-03-24 à 04.37.17 PM

In my opinion, the Association of PostDoctoral Fellows (APF) is a great resource for connecting with McGill University and informing them about postdoc concerns. Besides, the APF is the perfect environment to meet other postdocs and to share experiences that will enrich your postdoc life. As part of the Executive, my interest resides in improving communication/connections between postdocs in order to facilitate integration among new and current fellows.


Visou Ady (shared from February 2016)





Kasia Pietrajtis (shared from February 2016)

Capture d’écran 2016-03-29 à 01.41.43 PM




VP Communications 

VranasCroppedMarta Vranas 
(May 2015-Feb 2016)

I see the APF as one of the strongest ways to build a solid postdoc community within McGill. One that interacts, shares experiences and, most importantly, has a visible representation at the University! As of this year, we will try to improve communication among members, bring more postdocs out to our academic and non-academic events and, last but not least, to our growing social events.



Beaugrand Maïwenn (shared from March 2016)

Capture d’écran 2016-03-24 à 04.50.19 PM

Being a member of the Association of Post-Doctoral Fellows (APF) help to better understand how it works, especially when you are Either Not Really Student or Not Really Employee. By sharing the information/events pertinent for the post-docs on this website and on twitter, I hope more post-doc will have access to what they need as well as benefit from the activities we are organizing for them with career and social events.

Shaghayegh Vafaei (shared from March 2016)








Executive Members

Kathrin RothermichIMG_4816

Since being an international Postdoc can be quite challenging and overwhelming, I was glad to have found the APF and to be able to meet interesting people, learn helpful information, take advantage of various workshops, and join the monthly social gatherings. I started out as the VP for Communication and am now one if the PGSS council members. As part of the Executive, my goal is to enhance the professional and social experiences for fellow Postdocs at McGill.

ThomasThomas Robert Beattie

The APF offers valuable opportunities for interacting with other postdocs, something that is often difficult given our unique status within the university. As part of the APF I have been able to share my experiences with other postdocs and connect with the wider university community, something that has really enriched my time as a postdoc at McGill.

Postdoc profile Tetyana KrupiyTetyana (Tanya) Krupiy

As postdocs we are in a situation where we are in the in-between category between the faculty and the students. This creates challenges for us. I joined the APF in order to ensure that our needs are communicated to the university and in order to contribute to organising events tailored to the needs of the postdocs. As an executive member without a portfolio, I help with all areas of the committee’s work. It has been a great experience and a learning opportunity.