Relevant Info & Resources: ‘A Quick Glance’

Graduate & Post-Doctoral Studies & Management of Academic Records, Enrolment Services

  • Units responsible for overseeing all postdoctoral affairs
  • Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies: Josephine Nalbantoglu (as of 2015)
  • Management of Academic Records, Enrolment Services for postdoctoral status & registration, document submission, proof of enrolment letters, Quebec tax exemption etc.
  • Useful information regarding postdoctoral affairs is available here.
  • Clara Spadafora (Management of Academic Records) circulates messages to all postdocs via the postdoc listserv (emails from Clara are important!)


Current “go to” person for Faculty of Arts postdocs: Dr. Sarah Kaderabek

Liaison Officer, Office of the Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies; 514- 398-4400, ext. 094822


Association of PostDoctoral Fellows (APF) at McGill University:

• APF Executive is comprised of volunteer postdocs who represent McGill’s postdocs; all postdocs

are part of the APF. What we do:


Post Graduate Student Society (PGSS):


Student Services

  • You pay for these services (cannot opt out), so take advantage of them! (current [2015] annual fee $140.72). These fees allow you access to:

“Student Health Services, Mental Health Services, Counselling and Tutorial Services, Chaplaincy, Career Planning Service (CaPS), Scholarships and Student Aid, International Student Services, the Office for Students with Disabilities, Campus Life & Engagement & the First Peoples’ House.”

Of particular interest to postdocs:

International student services (ISS): very good resource for international postdocs at McGill, particularly for work permit and immigration issues:



  • Postdocs have access to SKILLSETS: a “centrally-managed program jointly hosted by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies & Teaching and Learning Services. We develop and promote interdisciplinary professional development offerings to all Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows.”
  • Fosters “skills that can be applied immediately and are transferable in future endeavours”; aims to “better equip you for the diverse challenges of the workplace”
  • Hold regular workshops, career events, skills development etc.


Postdocs with Kids:


Unionization of McGill Postdocs:

  • McGill’s postdocs received their accreditation from the Commission des relations du travail on June 9, 2015; over 80% of eligible postdocs chose to unionize. Since then, a collective bargaining agreement draft has been proposed. McGill University has been contacted about starting the bargaining process (Oct. 2015). For examples of collective bargaining agreements please refer to: printing.pdf
  • The union? PSAC (Public Service Alliance of Canada) is the umbrella organization under which AMURE (Association of McGill University Research Employees) fits
  • Who is unionized? If 25% or more of your salary is paid through McGill University (includes scholarship holders who get paid through McGill, e.g. CIHR, NSERC etc.)
  • Until collective agreement is signed, full dues will not be collected. If you have questions about unionization, bargaining process etc. please contact Sean Cory ( Labour disputes can also be directed to Sean Cory.


Other quick info relevant to postdocs


McGill Postdoc Registration:

  • All postdocs need to register every academic year (Sept 1st – Aug 31st)
  • Renewal in July/August for next academic year (Management of Academic Records, Enrolment Services, usually emails us to remind us)
  • International postdocs: Work permit must be valid


International postdocs: quick-checklist:

File application for a renewed work permit with CIC Case Processing Centre within sufficient timeline (min. 90 days online; min. 120 days by regular mail before current permit expiry).

If delay in processing/issuing your new work permit is attributable to CIC, you will be presumed as having “implied status”, provided that you do not leave Canada.

  • Temporarily leaving Canada during work permit processing

If you leave before your work permit application is finalized by Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) Case Processing Centre, you risk losing “implied status”

When you seek re-entry into Canada without a valid work permit, your application will be cancelled. You will have to re-apply/pay another processing fee.



  • Income Tax & Benefit Return must be filed by postdocs (international & Canadian)
  • Taxation occurs at 2 levels: a) federal/Canadian; b) provincial/Quebec

– Out-of-province: File tax return for residency province on Dec 31 of tax year

  • Tax deadline: April 30 (if you’re late & owe money, interest charged)
  • McGill postdocs pay federal tax to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) (paycheck deductions)
  • How to verify if federal taxes are deducted?

– Check “Benefits or Deductions” of pay stub

  • Quebec postdocs do not pay provincial income taxes (dbl-check pay stub); If you are paying

Quebec tax on income, you can apply for a TAX EXEMPTION (consult the Management of Academic Records Unit ( NOTE: Provincial tax exemption status may change with unionization


Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars (CAPS)

  • CAPS-ACSP: committee of postdocs/representatives who meet regularly to discuss issues affecting Canadian postdocs
  • Membership free for all postdocs in Canada; representation is through local postdoc association
  • Canadian postdoc survey: